Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yesterdays post, Today.

Well, a lot happened today! Started to go to the gym and thought that I should check my tires as the two front ones were really low on Sunday. Well, they were both low again so instead of the gym I went to the Tire shop. Two and a half hours and one new tire later I was on my way back home for a much needed nap.
My wonderful husband was in St. Thomas today so I got to hear his voice and it was amazing. We got some news that could change our lives for the better and would be a huge adventure. I am just praying for God’s will in the situation as He always knows best.  Don’t you just wish sometimes that you had a magic wand or a crystal ball to make everything go your way or at least see what was to come. Ya, I know, bad idea, right. God ALWAYS knows best and sometimes that is the hardest lesson to learn. It is so easy to worry and fret and get so involved in the moment that you quickly forget to just take a step back and remember the one thing that you were taught over and over in Sunday school as a child. God knows best and is in control of absolutely everything. God Help me remember this daily. Hopefully we will find out soon what He has in store for my wonderful husband and I.
I made some Tuna Casserole tonight for dinner. It wasn’t the creamy kind and like always, was one of my own concoctions. I dug into it before pictures could be taken and as I made it this afternoon, so that I could go to the gym this evening, I don’t remember what I put in it. My memory is so bad since I had my little munchkin. I’m not sure it will ever come back. Just when it does, I’m sure old age will set in and the ever growing amounts of grey hair will suck it all out anyway. Young people enjoy your memory while you have it, one day soon you will wake up and wonder where it went.
Tomorrow is a new day and comes with a whole new set of adventures. Enjoy!

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