Friday, September 2, 2011

My body hates the gym

Just about one week and I will be running a 10k. I am currently suffering from shin splints and a really achy body. This is gonna be one crazy challenge. I am only doing the cross trainer and haven't been running and not going to run till the race to try and save my legs. I think Ice is going to become my friend. I am really excited though. 6.1 miles and a huge sense of accomplishment. Not sure about going to the gym today. my body is so sore. Lots to do today though. My little monster gets a new food added to her selection and i am going to get a bullet and start the adventure of making my own baby food. I want Maddy to experience lots of different types of food and I want to know what is in what I am feeding her. Anyway, Today is going to be a rough day for missing my wonderful husband. Only 6 more weeks!

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