Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I need new internet

I am really needing new internet, or maybe this is a great excuse to go to a coffee shop and have my 4th cup of much loved coffee for the day! Ooooo. That sound like a wonderful idea! I am on day 2 of not going to the gym, this is very bad as my 10K is coming up faster than I need it to or want it to. Oh well, my goal is to just finish and not win the race. Maybe I'm an under achiever? If so, I have made it pretty far in life for not trying very hard. I have a good reason for not going. I have had a horable migraine for the last 2 days and exercise makes it so much worse. Maybe this afternoon I will go and do something. That is better than nothing.
     I made some yummy food last night and will post my version of a "recipe" on the food page. If you know me at all, I really hate to follow recipes and never have any kind of measurements for what I add. I am a firm believer in cook from your heart and never follow a recipe.I made a creamy Kale and Bacon Pasta. Really easy and I make so many variations of this pasta and they all taste great. Oh, and Holly informed me that I should take pictures at each step and not of just the finished product. I dont know, I' m no great at remembering what I put into the food much less taking pictures of it. The food was great though!
     It's gonna be another HOT day today! Should be a good one though. tonight is gonna be Pizza night and it's Fat Tuesday at our house!Yum! Enjoy!

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