Wednesday, June 20, 2012

well alot has happen

Well alot has happen since my last post. Done quite a it of traveling to see my Wonderful Husband and to England and back and now just waiting to complete my UK visa application. I would of loved to have an answer along time ago but now just have to wait. We shall see. Just gotta tie up loose ends like pictures and then send off my paperwork to New York. Yes, I havnt completed my application. lol I just wish like magic, some one would know on my door and say "here, you have been granted a UK visa". Right. I dont like stress and tend o run from it so this has been a huge test of strength and stress management for me. Then after moving(if that happends) then My wonderful husband is requesting a trip to Asia to visit him on a ship that he is working on. That should be fun.

I am also quite excited that my sister is pregnant and having a baby girl in Oct. they have waited so long for this and God has truly blessed them.

Anyways. off to get pictures taken for the visa!