Wednesday, June 20, 2012

well alot has happen

Well alot has happen since my last post. Done quite a it of traveling to see my Wonderful Husband and to England and back and now just waiting to complete my UK visa application. I would of loved to have an answer along time ago but now just have to wait. We shall see. Just gotta tie up loose ends like pictures and then send off my paperwork to New York. Yes, I havnt completed my application. lol I just wish like magic, some one would know on my door and say "here, you have been granted a UK visa". Right. I dont like stress and tend o run from it so this has been a huge test of strength and stress management for me. Then after moving(if that happends) then My wonderful husband is requesting a trip to Asia to visit him on a ship that he is working on. That should be fun.

I am also quite excited that my sister is pregnant and having a baby girl in Oct. they have waited so long for this and God has truly blessed them.

Anyways. off to get pictures taken for the visa!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Internet is back!!!!!!

I am so happy to have my computer fixed. Don't have a clue what was wrong but the internet would only last about 5 minutes! so incredibly frustrating. but I'm back. Not alot has happened, just trying to register for school. Not sure why when you tell people that you are going for a business degree, they kind look at you funny and then ask why. Or they comment and go "OK, thats interesting". I would like to go into PR and HR and this is the rout that I must follow. I am also sitting at home and raising a kid and might as well do something with my time.

Well, only 10 days till I get to see my wonderful husband. I cant wait. totally not looking forward to the trip but it will be nice to get there. I am not a great flyer and usually have to have a couple glasses of wine at the airport to even muster up enough courage to walk down the jet way. also traveling with a 6 month old is just so much fun, especially when you fly Southwest and she is a lap child and the plane is FULL. Also its the Bag thing. I will have a stroller, carrier, a diaper bag, carry on, and 2 pieces of luggage. but I will get to see my wonderful husband and have a reason to get all dolled up and wear hears that I can not walk in. In fact I look like a chicken when I walk in heals. Well that is why there are granny pannies, right??? that way when you do fall, cause we all know that will happen, at least you have on a cute pair of Victoria's Secret Granny Pannies. Ill keep you posted. maybe even post a pic of the chicken shoes. Maddy is almost 6 months old and time is going by so quickly. I only have a short time till my half marathon. I will do it and only with God's help. 

I am so happy to be back!!! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Back!!!!

Well, My computer is now fixed, thanks to my fantastic brother in law.   Now I can update this thing and accually use my computer! It is great. Well a lot has happened in the last little while. I ran my 10k and had a time of 1hr and 25 min, then I found out that they mismarked the course and I actually ran 6.8 miles instead of the standard 6.1. I was so happy to find out that the course was longer than it was so post to be. I was so proud of myself.  Well hopefully I can not get back on track with this blogging thing.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the teething monster.

Well my little monster is being visited by the teething monster. Not fun. I really can't complain as she is a wonderful, happy baby, most of the time. The only thing that has helped today is a washcloth wih an icecube in it. Poor baby. We will make it through.
     In preparing for the race on saturday, I did 4.25 miles on the cross trainer and then another 3 mile walk this evening. I an really having doubts about being able to run the whole 6.1 miles on Saturday. My legs have been bothering me and I know that the extra baby weight is not helping, along with the really sore body that comes with brestfeeding. I will make it through and I am going to be so proud of myself just for finishing the race. The weather has been so lovely and is going to so amazing on race day, and that is a huge blessing. Started taking Calcium to help with the running and to hopefully prevent any fractures and to keep my bones healthy and strong.
     Only one week from now I will be at my parents house in Phoenix. I have been thinking a lot as to why I decided to go as it means another trip, on my own with an almost 5 month old. Last time I did this I said I wouldnt do it again. See, she is getting too old to sleep the entire trip and finds others on the plane either terrifying or her best friend and then has the attention span of a tipical 5 month old and demands that you, her only source of entertainment, perform the same song and the same conversations till your blue in the face. I love her though. She is so wonderful.
     Well, Tomorrow is another day and I am looking forward to watching the inside of my eyelids. Enjoy!

Friday, September 2, 2011

My body hates the gym

Just about one week and I will be running a 10k. I am currently suffering from shin splints and a really achy body. This is gonna be one crazy challenge. I am only doing the cross trainer and haven't been running and not going to run till the race to try and save my legs. I think Ice is going to become my friend. I am really excited though. 6.1 miles and a huge sense of accomplishment. Not sure about going to the gym today. my body is so sore. Lots to do today though. My little monster gets a new food added to her selection and i am going to get a bullet and start the adventure of making my own baby food. I want Maddy to experience lots of different types of food and I want to know what is in what I am feeding her. Anyway, Today is going to be a rough day for missing my wonderful husband. Only 6 more weeks!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yesterdays post, Today.

Well, a lot happened today! Started to go to the gym and thought that I should check my tires as the two front ones were really low on Sunday. Well, they were both low again so instead of the gym I went to the Tire shop. Two and a half hours and one new tire later I was on my way back home for a much needed nap.
My wonderful husband was in St. Thomas today so I got to hear his voice and it was amazing. We got some news that could change our lives for the better and would be a huge adventure. I am just praying for God’s will in the situation as He always knows best.  Don’t you just wish sometimes that you had a magic wand or a crystal ball to make everything go your way or at least see what was to come. Ya, I know, bad idea, right. God ALWAYS knows best and sometimes that is the hardest lesson to learn. It is so easy to worry and fret and get so involved in the moment that you quickly forget to just take a step back and remember the one thing that you were taught over and over in Sunday school as a child. God knows best and is in control of absolutely everything. God Help me remember this daily. Hopefully we will find out soon what He has in store for my wonderful husband and I.
I made some Tuna Casserole tonight for dinner. It wasn’t the creamy kind and like always, was one of my own concoctions. I dug into it before pictures could be taken and as I made it this afternoon, so that I could go to the gym this evening, I don’t remember what I put in it. My memory is so bad since I had my little munchkin. I’m not sure it will ever come back. Just when it does, I’m sure old age will set in and the ever growing amounts of grey hair will suck it all out anyway. Young people enjoy your memory while you have it, one day soon you will wake up and wonder where it went.
Tomorrow is a new day and comes with a whole new set of adventures. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I need new internet

I am really needing new internet, or maybe this is a great excuse to go to a coffee shop and have my 4th cup of much loved coffee for the day! Ooooo. That sound like a wonderful idea! I am on day 2 of not going to the gym, this is very bad as my 10K is coming up faster than I need it to or want it to. Oh well, my goal is to just finish and not win the race. Maybe I'm an under achiever? If so, I have made it pretty far in life for not trying very hard. I have a good reason for not going. I have had a horable migraine for the last 2 days and exercise makes it so much worse. Maybe this afternoon I will go and do something. That is better than nothing.
     I made some yummy food last night and will post my version of a "recipe" on the food page. If you know me at all, I really hate to follow recipes and never have any kind of measurements for what I add. I am a firm believer in cook from your heart and never follow a recipe.I made a creamy Kale and Bacon Pasta. Really easy and I make so many variations of this pasta and they all taste great. Oh, and Holly informed me that I should take pictures at each step and not of just the finished product. I dont know, I' m no great at remembering what I put into the food much less taking pictures of it. The food was great though!
     It's gonna be another HOT day today! Should be a good one though. tonight is gonna be Pizza night and it's Fat Tuesday at our house!Yum! Enjoy!