Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Internet is back!!!!!!

I am so happy to have my computer fixed. Don't have a clue what was wrong but the internet would only last about 5 minutes! so incredibly frustrating. but I'm back. Not alot has happened, just trying to register for school. Not sure why when you tell people that you are going for a business degree, they kind look at you funny and then ask why. Or they comment and go "OK, thats interesting". I would like to go into PR and HR and this is the rout that I must follow. I am also sitting at home and raising a kid and might as well do something with my time.

Well, only 10 days till I get to see my wonderful husband. I cant wait. totally not looking forward to the trip but it will be nice to get there. I am not a great flyer and usually have to have a couple glasses of wine at the airport to even muster up enough courage to walk down the jet way. also traveling with a 6 month old is just so much fun, especially when you fly Southwest and she is a lap child and the plane is FULL. Also its the Bag thing. I will have a stroller, carrier, a diaper bag, carry on, and 2 pieces of luggage. but I will get to see my wonderful husband and have a reason to get all dolled up and wear hears that I can not walk in. In fact I look like a chicken when I walk in heals. Well that is why there are granny pannies, right??? that way when you do fall, cause we all know that will happen, at least you have on a cute pair of Victoria's Secret Granny Pannies. Ill keep you posted. maybe even post a pic of the chicken shoes. Maddy is almost 6 months old and time is going by so quickly. I only have a short time till my half marathon. I will do it and only with God's help. 

I am so happy to be back!!! Enjoy!