Sunday, August 28, 2011

To Start

Well lets see how this goes. I just put Maddy to sleep and finally have a few minutes to myself. Maddy has had a bit of a rough day and consequently so have I. Nothing a glass of wine wont fix though. With laundry still in the washer, for the second day and dishes that need to be done, I have decided that this is so much more fun. I really have a lot on my plate in the next few months. I have a 10K to run in 2 weeks, scary, a half marathon to keep training for, a trip to phx in 2 weeks and then a trip to see my wonderful husband in October. It really seems like forever since I have seen him. Only 7 more weeks and counting.
   This should keep me busy as I am missing work so much. I really think that if it would have been a bad contract I wouldn't of missed it so much. Darn, all that praying for a good contract left me like this. We I guess i should explain in case someone who isn't family runs across this. I have worked for a well known cruise line for about 7 years, until last December when I left for maternity leave. I Started out as a lighting Technician and then switched over to a job I fell in love with, Casino Host. My wonderful husband still works for them as Slot Manager. As the baby and I cant cruise till she is 6 months old, I am in Texas and will not see my wonderful husband until October. At that point we will be cruising quite often.
     I am currently in Texas, as I said before, living with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. I am the household cook,. I love to cook and bake, the only problem is that with this love comes the extra weight and God knows I dont need any more of that. If I only had more people to feed. I have ofter thought of opening my own Coffee shop, that way i could make cookies and cakes and lots of yummy stuff and then feed it to other people instead of consuming a majority of it myself. One thing I am not good at is Bread. I have never been able to bake bread. No matter what recipe i follow it always turns out like a rock and then my wonderful husband tells me that im not allowed to feed it to the birds as I would kill them. I have never killed any bird with my bread by the way. Oh well I guess I could keep trying. one day Ill get it right.
     I will blog about all the little disasters in my life, yummy food and exhausting but much anticipated travel. Enjoy.

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  1. Hola! It's Zach's mom. Blogging is my creative outlet, too, and as I love to cook, I'll be visiting here. :)